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SunButyrate™-TG liquid

SunButyrate™-TG liquid

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Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization,

Made with hypoallergenic and vegetarian ingredients

SunButyrate™-TG liquid is a unique, butyrate-rich triglyceride oil that promotes intestinal health, gut barrier integrity, cytokine balance in the GI tract, bowel motility, and abdominal comfort

  • Unique novel SunButyrateTM butyrate-rich triglyceride oil first of its kind on the market

  • Protects butyrate from degradation in the stomach to deliver it directly to the intestine

  • Delivers 875 mg butyric acid per serving

  • Highly-palatable liquid delivery form

  • Light, pleasant-tasting blueberry vanilla flavor

  • Excipient free


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